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    Manchester Mural

    Burberry Supports Youth: The Mural Series

    Introducing the next chapter of our Burberry Supports Youth initiative – a showcase of next-generation artists, cast across urban spaces in Manchester and Chengdu. Each continues our celebration of youth and creativity, connecting communities across the world.

    Marcus in Manchester

    Created by London-based artist Jazz Grant, this mural in the creative hub of Manchester's Northern Quarter collages the past and present of Marcus Rashford MBE – honouring his trailblazing work to support youth.
    Manchester Mural artist

    ‘The intention was to create an artwork that reflected community, so I felt more naturally drawn to the photographs of Marcus in his hometown.’ – Jazz Grant

    Marcus Rashford Landscape
    Marcus Rashford
    A signature for the artist, the collaged images in the mural layer textures, colours and silhouettes – exploring the relationship between images of Marcus's youth and who he is today.
    Marcus Rashford

    Contrasts in Chengdu

    In the Art District of Chengdu in China is a tranquil depiction of the beautiful surrounding Sichuan landscape – created by Sichuan Art School collective 108 Pop Studio. The artwork stands in contrast to the bustling urban environment, offering a peaceful escape and inviting viewers to look at the city from a new perspective.
    Chengdu Mural

    ‘On the steps are dancing young people and under the steps is the bustling city. People can take pictures here, view the characteristic buildings of Chengdu and feel the passion of youth and the tranquillity of the forest.’ – 108 Pop Studio

    Future, Youth, Creativity

    Future, Youth, Creativity

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    The Season of Giving

    The Season of Giving

    Burberry Supports Youth